Falling Into Insanity

The demons in my mind,
Do not let me rest.
They just sit around.
In my mind, they infest.

Pushing and pulling,
Nudging and poking.
The fire in my mind,
With no mercy, they are stoking.

No matter what I try,
They are still inside there.
Driving me mad,
It’s more than I can bear.

From this, I want to escape,
Run away from my own mind.
They stop and hold me back.
With ropes of pain, they bind.

For my daring, I am punished.
With ropes and chains, I am whipped.
Pain flares throughout my mind.
Into fire, my head is dipped.

Struggle as I do,
My mind is still a slave.
Held by demons from hell.
I’d rather be in a grave.

On the brick walls of my mind,
I continue to scream and pound.
Insanity begins it’s move.
Respite, I have not found.

My mind is slipping into insanity.
I now gaze at the clock,
To count what’s left of my sanity.
Tick tock, tick tock…………

One comment

  1. wow! just WOW! its deep and pulls a nerve. its self explanatory and a beautifully tragic yet true piece of work

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