Chemistry Teacher

Oh this dark Chemistry.
You, the wise one,
Solved for us this mystery,
Without whom, we would have run.

We, who had no clue,
You took us in.
Taught us until we turned blue.
With flying colours, the exam we did win.

We made a lot of noise,
Disturbed your peace of mind.
You withstood it all with poise.
Our potential, you did find.

Sometimes we have slept.
Then you came to scold.
But we have never wept,
Because your advice is as good as gold.

For your tests, at times we have copied.
But many a time, you have caught us.
What you don’t like, is us being sloppy.
For that, you do make a fuss.

No matter what our doubt,
You were there to help.
Gave us all a clout.
Taught us until we gave an anguished yelp.

For whatever you have done,
We say “Thank you”.
You looked at us like daughter or son,
In our hearts, we won’t forget you soon.

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