When I’m Gone

From this world, when I’m gone,
Will anybody miss me?
I know it’s too much to ask for,
But would anybody weep for me?

Will someone feel a vacancy in their heart?
As though someone left a hole.
Wake up in the night with a start,
Thinking “Of nice guys, he was the sole”.

I guess it’s too much to ask for,
None will ever feel that way.
Like for the bad men of yore,
“He was the worst of all” they will say.

I seem to have a talent for pissing people off,
Make them all riled up and angry.
Makes them want to dispose of me straight off,
Because all I do is put them in agony.

I’m not going to heaven, I know that.
There are people more deserving than I do.
I’m worse than the lowliest rat,
Not even fit to clean their loo.

Maybe I’ll be going to hell,
Meet Lucifer and his demon horde.
Spend my time suffering pell-mell,
Fiery brimstone, onto me poured.

Once again I present my case.
Will anyone miss me when I’m gone?
My whole life has been such a waste.
Wherever I go, I will be alone.


  1. I know I’m definitely going to miss you. You are a great friend, you may not have solutions to everyone’s every problem, but you hear them out. You don’t judge people in bad light, you see the good in them…and one who is good is one who can see good. So you’ve messed up, no one was perfect. You were born to make mistakes, you are to go astray, the devil’s job. But you acknowledge that and that’s what matters, you are aware and one day you will find the courage to tread the right way and never lose your way. And if I did lose a great friend as you are, I’d weep and cry and be angry at angels for calling you so soon. You are not a waste of space, not for me and not for many others

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