Why Am I Here?

What, I wonder, is the purpose of my existence?
Am I here for someone to gain?
Am I here to mend a broken fence,
Or am I here just to be a bane?

Sometimes I sit again and wonder,
What am I here for?
Am I here just to commit blunder after blunder,
Or just be bad like milk turned sour?

Why am I here in this world?
At birth I should have been poisoned.
Taken away and into darkness, hurled,
My parents’ love and money, I would not have siphoned.

My presence here is a cog in the works,
Just to spoil everyone’s life.
All the darkness inside me still lurks,
Just to go and cause more strife.

Everywhere I go, I incur malice,
People look at me with disgust.
Between rude and polite, I walk a fine balance,
They have nothing for me but distrust.

Will someone slap me before it’s too late?
Make me come to my senses.
Else all I will incur is more hate,
And people pushing me into deep, dark trenches.

Can it get better someday?
Will I ever get better?
Is the answer a yes or a nay?
All you will find is my suicide letter.

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