To All Rapists: Why?

Yaw peoples,

What, really, is the basis for rape? Is it just a need for power or just a rampant desire for sex? Everyday we came across a plethora of rape cases in the news. A woman raped by assailants, a boy raped by a man, little girls raped by their fathers. The list goes on and on. No one disagrees with the fact that this needs to be stopped . But we must rip this weed out by the roots, before we get rid of it.

One of the causes can be due to boys and girls not mingling with each other and not getting to know each other as people. I don’t know about the girls but I think I speak for many boys when I say that it makes us eager to see girls at any cost. Some, craving for a girl’s touch, go to any cost to fulfill that desire. This results in many of the deranged rapists walking around to fulfill their desire. It is very disgusting to see these people trying to fulfill their perverted sexual desires by using force on people unable to defend themselves.

Another cause is due to the fact that the age old stigma that “women are weaker than men and must submit to them” still prevails in many minds. Especially if they see their older male figures controlling the females, whilst they’re still young and impressionable. This carves out a mold for them in their minds. One they feel they have fill in order to “be a man”. Now I’m not trying to play amateur psychologist but I feel it creates a need for them to be in control of women. They get pleasure from watching them squirm, giving them that vicious, sadistic pleasure that they crave.

No doubt this has to definitely has got to stop. We must put a end to this atrocity. What a common man do? This is the question that arises on everyone’s lips. My answer is “A lot”. It is hard pressed to stop a seething crowd full of malice and anger. I’m not going to tell you to take them on single-handedly. You’ll only get beat up for your trouble and none will be the wiser to the crime being committed. Instead, raise a hue and cry, call for help and call the police. Once you gather a crowd, feel free to take them on. Just don’t take too long. Else the victim will suffer irreparable damage to both body and mind. Let us join together to wipe out this blot on humanity.

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