Playing Cards

The swish of cards laid upon the deck
A subtle craning of the neck.
A swift hand cloaked in deceit
To acquire what on does seek.

Eager eyes flicking from side to side
Who knows what the other may hide?
A sudden “Caught” is called out
The unsuspecting offender, called a lout.

A quick signal, someone calls a “Kent”
Of this game, that is the end.
As the victors celebrate their victory
The losers, they are history.

This game, it is so roitous
Almost mimicks the sound of a vigorous coitus.
There are people who are big cheats
Finding them, gives the game it’s heat.

This is called the game of cards
To be played even by retards.

One comment

  1. And then you tell that you write crap! This isnt crap!!! its amazing! go on writing cuz idk but others but im definitely gonna keep supporting.
    Waiting to read mroe

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