‘Private Parts’ – Why Are They Taboo?

Yaw peoples,

Let me warn you first. You have already seen the title and surmised what it could be about. Use your discretion and proceed with caution. Skip this if this topic disgusts you. I’m not here to cater to everyone’s interests anyway. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

When we were kids, we were discouraged to have discussions about our genitalia (or ‘private parts’ as they were called). My observation is that, even now, people have an air of the subject of genitalia being ‘dirty’ and ‘not fit for society’.

Since when did society get the right to decide what nature created was controversial? I’m not advocating for people to talk about (in case of guys)  how big their penises are or (in case of girls) how big their breasts. No matter what this looks like, that is not my intention.

My question is that: Why is not okay to talk freely about this subject among peers of the same sex? I can understand how (very) awkward it would for a girl and a guy to talk about this. It is quite understandable. But why is it so hard to talk among peers?

I, and most other people, would say that we’re more comfortable talking about our ‘private parts’ to our peerage rather than our parents. I don’t know how taboo the subject is in other countries but, as far as I have seen, in India it is highly taboo. Even something as important as sex education is not provided to students. This makes them turn to ‘other media’ to find out some grossly exaggerated facts about certain parts of the human anatomy. That’s when people develop an inferiority complex,

That’s why I say we do away with this air of not talking about it. I don’t mean we should go out of our way to announce to the world at large. Just lend an ear when someone comes to you with such problems. He/She may have no choice but to approach someone he/she trusts to solve the issue. Let us move into a society that does away with these sorts of taboo.


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